Monday, July 10, 2017

Chapter 24our: Mosaic of Southwest Norway

Viking swords at Hafrsfjord
Norway is a land of beauty - rugged and rough, colourful and charming, friendly and clean.

The country is shaped like a long crooked Troll finger, pointing from its knuckle above the Arctic Circle to its tip which is about the same latitude as the north of Scotland.

This blog chapter is simply a mosaic of images around the southwest coast of Norway in the vicinity of Stavanger, up and down a few fjords.



Jib set at Tungenes


The Norwegian flag is always flying somewhere. This pennant is called a vimpel. It is always hoisted at the summer cottage, probably to say, "We are here now."


Stavanger Harbour

fast ferry

Fart, in Norwegian means "speed"

traditional crab traps

dried, salted codfish (an acquired taste)

The following three photos are at Janken's and Otto's 
summer home in Tysvaer.

old Stavanger

Stavanger has more old wood houses than any other city in Europe. Some of them are over half a century old - a testimony to craftsmanship and maintenance.


The Norsk language builds words to make them some of the longest, well ... I have sometimes wondered if they just took all the letters in the alphabet, threw them up on the wall, and whatever stuck became the word   ;>)

On or about July 4, 2017 the temperature in Los Angeles was about 112 F. On the same day in Stavanger it was less than half that. The wind was cool, and the air was so clear a good eye could see the pine needles on a tree from a great distance. 

In some parts of L.A. that day, from the same distance, the palm tree fronds were fuzzy from the smog. Which would you choose?

Q: What's the story in this picture below?

the Hot Dog Man

1. The guy at the bank machine is withdrawing money to buy a dog? Probably. They were Norwegian prices.

2. I took a very quick trip to Sweden and back? No, no. The yellow and blue (Swedish flag colour) of the hot dog cart umbrella is just a gimmick to catch the locals' attention.

3. My hot dog was crunchy because one of the HD Man's missing fingers was in the bun? No, it was the raw onions. I did not want to bring up the subject of his fingers. He seemed happy enough without them. His extra long thumb probably made up for the missing digits.

4. We are so smiling because after a lot of the usual lost in translation banter we learned that we are brothers from a different mother? No, just instant buddies.

... all for now ...

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